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PharmaPure Sugar Blocker “Clinically Proven” Study

Clinically Proven Sugar Blocker

We often get questions about the “Clinically Proven” text on the PharmaPure Sugar Blocker label. We’re asked “Is PharmaPure Sugar Blocker really Clinically Proven?” and “Can you tell us about the study? The answers to both questions are Yes and Yes. PharmaPure Sugar Blocker Clinically Proven Study Design The study was independently conducted by a … Read more

Pharmapure Sugar Blocker

PharmaPure Sugar Blocker

Millions of people struggle to stay slim and healthy these days. For a large number of these people, their problem is a weakness for eating sugary foods, breads, starches and other foods with hidden sugars. The result is that they eat too much sugar, which causes them to either gain or retain weight that they’d … Read more

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